*curtain pulls back* *swell of dramatic music*

Without further ado, my first official review:

“It is beautiful, truly a love story. I finished with tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this with me.”-G.D. Cramer


Grain of salt; this is my unpublished, still-querying, no actual agents have looked at it or offered to rep manuscript. G.D. Cramer is a fellow RWA member who is doing me the enormous favor of critique reading. He is also an author himself, you can check him out at  http://gdcramer.com. And his actual issues with plot, story arc and dialogue are still coming in, it’s not all sunshine and bluebirds over here. I am still calling this an official review, because it meets all the criteria of a review except the one about being on Amazon for an actual physical book.

Someone (who is not me or close family and did not get paid to say this) had their eyeballs on my complete work, imbibed my story, and liked it. I will treasure it accordingly. It may have brought actual tears to my own eyes (OK it did. I teared up at the end of the story too. I love my characters and get really into their happily ever afters.)

Am I overreacting to this? You bet. Will I calm down and stop making this a huge deal? Haha no. Will every good review I ever get be featured with a full blog post and lots of metaphorical glitter?…..probably.


featured image via stocksnap.io & Bonnie Kittle