Lets review the scoreboard so far!

  1. Established Medium Size Agency: #pass, with a very polite form letter. Much appreciated.
  2. Established Medium Size Agency: No reply, which means #pass
  3. New Small Agency: Zero reply and it’s past their stated 4 week response time. #pass
  4. Established Medium Size: Still no reply. Their stated reply window is 12 weeks and it’s been about 10, so I figure #pass.
  5. Small Independent Romance Only Agency: #pass with the kindest personal letter full of pointers for me, which was amazing.
  6. Established Medium Size: #pass, with a slightly more personalized form letter. I’m actually very excited about that.
  7. New Romance Only Agency: #pass with an encouraging form letter.
  8. Big 5 Imprint: No reply, and the bloom of hope has withered. Their website says no reply equals a no and it’s been over 4 weeks, so regretfully I’ll file this one under #pass.
  9. Medium Size Established Agency: #pass with a nice form letter.
  10. Small Botique Agency: #pass with an encouraging, although non-specific letter.

I’m still waiting on replies from five more agencies, which comprise my next round of queries.

In spite of racking up pass after pass, I’m feeling very encouraged. The “no replies” are disheartening, true, but the form replies are universally very nice and the two more specific replies I’ve gotten are enough to keep my hope burning strong. Two personal replies out of ten is actually pretty good, from what I understand.

Fifteen queries is a tiny drop in the bucket, as well. I’ve found figures from other authors that range from 50 to 80 to the low hundreds before they got a manuscript request. There’s still a long way to go, and a lot of #pass to push through. Meanwhile I’m learning, polishing, getting better and better. Oh, and what with Christmas and gift card season I’ve got a copy of On Writing by Stephen King headed my way.