The Bookworm (Lat. tineae librorum) may be found in any climate. Good-humored and gregarious around other bookworms, they are most abundant in comfortable, dry, book-surrounded areas but may be found anywhere there is a decent chance to sit down and read.

A steady intake of caffeine and the occasional biscuit is a bookworm’s diet of choice, although regular meals may be substituted.


Caffeine is an important part of the bookworm diet. Do not, however, plate it attractively with raw coffee beans because there is a good chance your bookworm will absentmindedly eat them.

A few hardy species have learned to close out external noises and read in areas previously thought inhospitable, i.e. the subway, a crowded venue or in a noisy class.

Bookstagram is a bookworm’s natural home online. Many other bookworms can be found there, talking about books and adding to a hoard of To-Be-Read titles which may never be read. Rather like a dragon who can’t help collecting piles of jewels, only to sit on them.

We recommend that you encourage your bookworm to create a new TBR pile when the first one reaches waist height, to mitigate the danger of avalanches.


An ideal space for bookworms

The only habitat thus far underpopulated by bookworms is underwater. They need a steady supply of literature and a regular intake of food and fresh air to survive. With the appropriate care your bookworm can last you many decades, happily adding to their hoard of titles and visiting thousands of other worlds, lifetimes, cultures and ideas through the medium of print.

Mostly harmless.


The nutrients in biscuits are ideally formulated for bookworms

The steps for proper care and maintenance of your native bookworm are as follows:

  1. The first and most crucial step in speaking to a bookworm who is engaged in reading: Don’t.
  2. Seriously, just go away.
  3. Give them uninterrupted time to read their books.
  4. A clear, well-lighted space which is free of intrusions is always recommended for your bookworm.
  5. Resist the urge to ask them what they are reading. The best course of action is to leave the area without speaking, perhaps after depositing a fresh drink of water.

For further reading on the subject please consult the guide that inspired this post; How To Talk To Bookworms When They Are Reading? via Ana Jembrek and Books Rock My World.