The conundrum I’m facing today: Writers need a platform. For a platform, they must seduce people into caring that they exist and write books. To seduce, they must interact and self-promote.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin (AKA Bloglovin’ says I have to do this if I want my blog on their site.)

Not everything you hear about introverts is true, but it is sterling 100% silver true that I hate self-promoting. And, OK, to be honest I’m not super fond of interacting with strangers. Once I get to know you I like you, it’s that initial reaching out and connecting that holds the terror for me. No matter what actual situation is happening at the time, I get a mental image of myself dinking around other writer’s blogs and looking like this . . .


I feel you Steve. I feel you.

To have any chance of cutting through the white noise of half a million self-published books a year, whether or not I hate self-promotion is pretty much meaningless. So, consider this my nut-up or shut-up post with a shameless link to Bloglovin’ to follow my posts. Will write for high-fives.

I can recommend Bloglovin’ as a good way to condense the crazy amounts of blogs there are out there down to manageable levels for yourself, whether you want to follow S.E. White Books or not. Go forth, and find fun blogs.

off off

On second thought, this more accurately represents my mental state voyaging into other blog waters. The one with the eyebrows is me.