Building awareness about your blog can seem like an impossible task.

There are roughly 80 million posts on WordPress alone every month. That means at least a few million per day. Throw in the sheer amount of people also writing in whatever niche you’ve chosen on other blogging platforms and bewildering terms like SEO and ROI and it just keeps looking harder.

How do you attract people to your blog-which is only one out of millions-without being one of those super annoying click-bait bandits or, I dunno, selling your firstborn, your soul, and a few organs?

Keep in mind that I’m brand squeaky new to blogging. This blog started in November of 2016 so it’s 6 months old. Look at this post as one newbie to another, trading tips to work up from the very beginning. I came to this with no experience, spent 0$ on advertising of any kind, and have no web presence other than on WordPress (I’d rather take my screaming toddler to my dentist appointments than get on Twitter) and in those 6 months I’ve gone from zero views to between 10-20 a day. True, it’s not a lot but I’m proud of it. Six months ago not one person other than me knew this site was here to click on. Compared to that, 10 a day is awesome.

The Tip: Find your tribe and ask to contribute.

It boils down to doing a lot of stalking on other sites and being ready to put yourself out there in many different ways. I find other authors, book bloggers and writer’s sites. That’s my tribe. Every time I found a site that I enjoyed I checked to see if they accepted guest posts or had some sort of link-up opportunity, and jumped on that. Roughly 70% of the time it didn’t work.

Other times, it worked. During my online travels I became a regular contributor to the site Books Rock My World (shameless plug warning), which is pure fun to write for.

Angela Ackerman at Writers Helping Writers was super patient with getting my post on joining a writer’s association up to scratch. I’d recommend checking out the site to see if you’d like to guest post.

May 5th a post of mine will be going up on the Women On Writing blog, The Muffin, and I’ll see if any clicks come from that.

One of the better finds so far has been The Insecure Writer’s Support Group with their monthly blog hop. That alone grew my traffic and even if it didn’t it would be worth it for the common sense help other members of the group offer. Give their site a look.

I’ve also seen definite up-ticks in visitors from the various link parties I’ve tried posting with. Here is a great piece from on the basics of link parties and how to find them.

Whatever you’re posting on, find the other websites in your topic and stick your neck out for them. Dangle many different kinds of hooks in many different waters, and remember you’re learning something from every site whether you get any visitors from it or not.


Fishing for guest posts be like:

And if you’re looking for some help with the basics, this is one of the best websites I’ve found so far: Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2004 (caveman days in blog terms) and has this amazing site full of help for you. On the right hand sidebar you will find a user friendly menu titled “I need help to . . .” and then answers for the most common problems.

Go check out his site, and good luck with growing your blog! Drop me a comment so I can go check it out and give you another view for your daily total.


Photo courtesy: artist Alisa Anton