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Some Rules for you:

5 books minimum.
The books have to feature a bad boy hero, pretty much any bad boy goes as long as he’s alpha.
Only romance books, but any sub-genre.
Sign up between Now – November 30, 2017.

Time to update my progress on this challenge. For some (probably deeply buried psychological) reason I love me some bad boy romances. When I get the chance, aka I’m nursing the baby to sleep, I whip out my phone and head for the Kindle app. This challenge has been a great excuse to click “buy” on those books I would save for later before.

The historical romance 2017 challenge introduced me to Lisa Kleypas (yay!) and this challenge has introduced me to Gena Showalter and Kylie Scott. The good news just keeps piling up here. These two ladies are awesome, and I’m so happy I found them.

Time to add to the books read (6). I am well on my way to Level 1, capturing the bad boy and having way too much fun.

Heart of the Dragon-Gena Showalter. Dragon Lord Darius’ story and the one woman who can make him feel again. A redemption story. Heat Level-scorching.

Jewel of Atlantis-Gena Showalter. Secret paranormal agency operative Grey and his lovely Jewel fight off every monster imaginable to win Jewel’s freedom. I had to laugh a few times because they are literally either having sex or thinking about having sex on every page, even when ducking, hiding and fighting off demons. Heat Level-scorching.

The Nymph King. Gena Showalter. Valerian, king of the nymphs, finds out that he’s very much resistible to the one woman he really wants. He sets out to seduce her, and she never had a chance. This one was my favorite, kind of a ‘taming of the shrew’ story. Don’t judge. Heat level-OMG scorching.

Flesh-Kylie Scott. Surviving the zombie apocalypse might take more than one man for Alie. She whines a bit much for my taste, but she did just live through the end of the world. Mènage story, heat level-hot to scorching but interrupted by lots of flesh eaters.

Dirty-Kylie Scott. First in the Dive Bar series, tattooed hunk Vaughn comes home to find a weeping runaway bride in his bathtub. The drama is constant and so well done. I could not stop reading. Could not. I had to find out how they would get out of this mess, and Kylie didn’t disappoint. Heat level-sweet and spicy.

Twist-Kylie Scott. Second installment at the Dive Bar. OK, first of all I have a soft spot for bearded gentle giants so I was already rooting for Joe. Alex doesn’t go for the lumbersexual type and she tells him so. With lots of F-bombs. I loved this tale of looking below the surface. She really does fall for his amazing personality, unlike a lot of other romance books where all it takes is some rippling abs. Lets just say she learns to love the beard. In spite of a left-field insertion of an over-the-top ex girlfriend for Joe to add plot! I still loved this book. Heat level-scorching sweet pepper.

Now I really want to read Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, but I kinda want to get them from the library because those 4.99$ kindle charges add up and the series is 4 books long.

There’s probably some sort of librarian code that the erotic books stay hidden in the back under plain brown paper. What is the etiquette here? Do I just march in (with my two small children, grubby jeans and probably-got-washed-sometime-this-week hair, let’s not forget I’m a housewife) and demand to be taken to the mommy porn section? I will figure this mystery out, and report on how it went in my next update.