There is a thriving, growing, ever changing world of amazing bookish gifts out there. One that I didn’t know existed until recently. It occurs to me that my readers might not know about it either, and hey, gift-giving season is approaching. That’s a good time to mention these cool present options.

Let me show you the plethora of wonderful people who have devoted their talents to feeding our book addictions.

Their products are witty, stunning, unique, and definitely literary. Another warm and fuzzy point is that you will be supporting small business owners, who love books just as much as you do. Win for everyone. We can also consider that I’m on a budget and not spending extravagant amounts on bookish merchandise, so these things aren’t unique-handmade-precious-limited-edition-haha-you-peasant levels of expensive.

1. Gorgeous Bookmarks


Bookmarks from Bibliophile Prints

Bibliophile Prints works beautiful watercolor magic, here is their Etsy shop. The set I bought is pictured and the “Octobers” quote bookmark came included as an extra, which was super nice of the owner.

CoolYeti Creations (Etsy) sells candles, decals, stickers, and magnetic bookmarks.

Ink and Wonder has super colorful woodmarks, totes, pins and wall prints on her website.  


beautiful work by Lovely Bookish Marks

Lovely Bookish Marks also makes watercolor and hand-lettered print look amazing. Shop them here.

In The Reads is all about bringing you Middle Earth and Game of Thrones on cool woodmarks (Etsy)

2. Bookish Candles.


Hufflepuff Pride! It smells like buttermilk, vanilla and sugar. From LunarBazaar

This is a niche that grows by the day and you wouldn’t believe the scents these shops come up with!

Book and Nook Candles shop has everything from Harry Potter, to The Lunar Chronicles, to The Mortal Instruments to smell.

Lunar Bazaar Candles shop has delicious scents and she includes toppings on her candles like herbs, spices and dried flowers. My hobbit inspired one, Second Breakfast, has mulled spices on the top.

Lemon Cakes Candle Co Etsy shop contains such wacky delights as The Bog of Eternal Stench and a Luna Lovegood themed candle. She specializes in kooky scents. She even has one called We All Float Down Here.

 Wick and Fable check out her Enchantment of Ravens set and she also has multiple Game of Thrones candles. My Pride and Prejudice “Most Ardently” wax melts smell like Citrus and Honeysuckle (mmmm).

 The Bookish Flame has A Free Elf candle that smells like clean laundry! That’s on my wish list.

 A Court of Candles The only Rick Riordan themed sets I’ve seen anywhere. 

Briar Wick Amazing amounts of Harry Potter themed candles, all in gorgeous colors.


Find Little Crow here

 Little Crow Candles has a candle that smells like a Weasley Christmas Sweater. Seriously, I have fun just looking at all the creative ideas these shops come up with.

Faerie Tales Creations has gorgeous scents, of course, but she also puts a tiny, intricate little wax design on the top of each candle. I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to burn mine.


Hogwarts Houses candles from LunarBazaar: Ravenclaw (pomegranate, raspberry, apple, hint of lime) Gryffindor (pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves) Hufflepuff (buttermilk, vanilla, sugar) and Slytherin (milk chocolate!)

3. Tea and Curiosities

Kristin Askland Esty shop draws her own beautiful watercolor stickers, greeting cards and prints. She is an amazing artist.

Riddles Tea Shoppe on Etsy has an Every Flavor Tea set inspired by the Harry Potter books. Lemon Sherbet and Peppermint Toad flavored tea!

Happy Piranha does candles and geeky gifts on Etsy

4. Enamel Pins and Jewelry

Fandom Flair enamel pins Etsy shop contains some witty pins, in multiple fandoms. I’m so happy with my Alas, Ear Wax! pin that I wear it everywhere.

Rather Keen, enamel pins & prints Etsy shop creates with a very 1920s art-deco vibe.

Between The Pages Etsy little bookish gifts and jewelry like their 221B Baker street necklace, which my sister doesn’t know she’s getting for Christmas. (Now I know whether or not you’re reading the website.)

Chiqui Creates intricate jewelry and tiny metal bookmarks on her website with a lovely selection inspired by Fairytale classics


Ink and Wonder Designs woodmark and Fawkes tote. Find her website here






header image courtesy of and Snufkin