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For this week’s post I wanted to mix it up a little. So I’m making a half-and-half list. Five bookish worlds I would move to tomorrow, and five bookish worlds where I’d last long enough for one good Hollywood scream.

First, the top five worlds I would disappear to in an instant if it were somehow possible.

1. Narnia

narnia gif

Dude. Don’t fight it, Eustace. Enjoy the magic.

If you tell me you never wanted to live in a world where the animals could wish you ‘good morning’, I will say you sit on a pure throne of lies. Aside from the whole 100 years of winter under the White Witch, Narnia is the place to be. Soft green glens full of fauns, dwarves, and badgers. Forests full of dryads and talking trees. The ocean, with your choice of magical islands for adventures. Mountains, to encounter giants and dragons in. Fens, full of Marshwiggles. Every inch of it sounds fabulous.

2. Hogwarts

hogwarts gif

It’s the Hufflepuff table for me, thanks

Although I’m a muggle, I would wander around what looks like a ruined castle for days, if it meant I got to have one tiny glimpse of the edge of the Whomping Willow. Just a glimpse. Even a thread of smoke coming from Hagrid’s hut. A little wave from the giant squid in the lake. Anything for a little bit of the magic.

3. Middle Earth

shire gif

In a hole in the ground there lived an author.

Specifically, the Shire. Something about all that lovely, homey green makes me wish I were there. I could always visit Rivendell, or Rohan, or the Lonely Mountain. Good neighbors, lots of parties, seeing Gandalf wander by my front door. A cozy hole, with dwarves who were visiting, elevensies, and afternoon tea sounds pretty much perfect. Yes, please.

4. Tamora Pierce’s Tortall

medieval gif

It’s medieval, and I’m okay with that. What with lady knights running around defeating bigotry and evil, magic to modernize certain aspects, and the varied kingdoms to explore (except Scanra, cause NOPE) I think I could get along in Tortall pretty well. The chance to hang out in a crowd, cheering The Lioness and her Spymaster husband as they rode by, would be just fine.

5.  The Discworld

discworld gif

It is, of course, a disc. Carried on the backs of four elephants who ride an astral turtle.

Anywhere Terry Pratchett writes is alright by me. Plus I feel like I know the Discworld so well I could actually recognize where I was if magic somehow plopped me in Ankh Morpork, or Lancre. I would 100% be down for the opportunity to meet Nanny Ogg or my hero, Granny Weatherwax. And it would be a pure pleasure to watch Lord Vetinari at work. Just to see him steeple those thin fingers before delivering some devastating wit would be worth the whole journey there.

And the five bookish worlds where I would be guaranteed a nice, swift death on or before page five.

1. Panem

odds gif

Besides the obvious 99% death rate for the Games, anyone in the Districts seem to have a pretty low life expectancy themselves. I’d be pretty much guaranteed a one sentence mention as part of a bombed-out, smoking town in this universe.

2. Ketterdam/The Grishaverse

dregs gif

And whoever created this gif is amazing. The only source I could find was Tumblr.

Really bad things seem to happen to . . . well . . . everyone in Leigh Bardugo’s universe. The Grisha might as well walk around with big fat targets painted on their backs, they seem to get killed all the time. And Ketterdam doesn’t sound particularly friendly. I’d either be a mark to steal from and then beat bloody, or a soldier to be shot at, and neither sounds like fun.

3. The Demon Worlds of Kresley Cole’s Immortal’s After Dark

demon gif

Oh that? That’s Nopeton, in I’ll-Never-Go-Thereistan

Apart from the fact that everyone in a Kresley Cole novel gets to have lots and lots of amazing sex. Even kinky demon sex is probably not worth the amount of times the immortals get to die. There are always wars going on, spying and poisoning happening, inter-clan fights, plus multiple super dangerous worlds inhabited by different types of dangerous creatures. Fun to read about, not so fun to live there.

4. Castle Rock, Derry, ‘Salem’s Lot, or anywhere else in Maine

king gif

Yeah, not in Castle Rock he won’t, Stephen.

Do I even need to explain why I’d like to avoid mist, creepy clowns, vicious vampires, possessed and putrescent pets, deranged residents, gift shops out to kill you, cars that will crush you, possible alien infestations, basements, attics, haunted houses, laundromats, high schools, and pretty much any other place that King has had a hand in writing?

5. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy

vampire gif

In this universe, I’d be a light snack before the characters really got down to business. I’m just not dhampir material.

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