Autumn is falling, y’all. I’m so happy about this. We live in a pretty temperate zone of North America, all things considered. The seasons rest pretty gently on us. Spring is wonderful, winter isn’t usually so full of snow we can’t get around, and I enjoy the hot days and long evenings in summer. It’s just, they’re not my favorite. Sorry, other seasons. Fall is totally my favorite child. When fall shows up I am ready to grab it and hug it with both arms.

fall gif

Me, every September 1st


Also, I LOVE pumpkin flavored things. Adore them. Spices, sweet squash flavors, maple, give me all the fall. I’m basic and not ashamed about it at all.

fall gif 2

For some reason the changing weather makes me feel like doing some shoutouts. Something about approaching holidays and Thanksgiving, I think. Whatever the connection, I’m highlighting some literary blogs I follow that are awesome and entertaining and you should go check them out*. You won’t regret it, although I give you fair warning that your TBR will start growing exponentially and maybe try to kill you.

The GrimDragon

Follow Holly for Horror. Lots and lots of horror recommendations, along with some SciFi, a fair amount of Fantasy, and the occasional book that doesn’t exactly fit a genre but is really, really good. Her book photos always have a beautiful outdoor background, as well.

My favorite article right now: Holly’s review of Bloody Rose, by Nicholas Eames

Lily Sharp Books

Aussie book blogger Lily has a wonderfully sharp sense of humor (I’m sorry for that pun, I couldn’t help it). I love the format of her reviews, short and to the point with a list of pros and cons. She really digs deep into the story structure and what works, too, which I personally love. Lily mostly focuses on Fantasy and SciFi, and every book photo has stunning vistas featuring somewhere in Australia.

My currently favorite article of hers: Review of Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Paper Fury

Cait is a debut author (I’m still not okay, by the way, The Maestro is a terrible person). Her blog is pretty famous already and odds are good you’ve already seen a viral tweet of hers, but I’m putting her on here anyway because she is so freaking funny. She is your YA guru, leading you to all the good, fantastical, angsty, diverse Young Adult books.

My favorite Paperfury article: 10 Signs I’m Not Going to Like That Book (OOOH Someone’s Judgey)

The Restricted Section

Dani will lead you to some great Romance and Literary Fiction, with occasional detours past good TV and music. Her reviews are a good breakdown of the book, without being too long. And her music recommendations are just the best. All the heart eyes.

The article you need: Dani’s breakdown of The Great American Read, with substitutions


Chuck Wendig! Rampant cussing! In depth critiques of the storytelling in Star Wars! Plus some hilarious asides, rambling, artsy micro photos, great guest blogs, and solid writing and business advice. Let’s go with his theme being a mash of Horror, SciFi, Fantasy, and generally calling out bigotry in all its forms. Chuck is just awesome and you should be following his blog.

Some classic Wendig: The Save the Cat Conundrum

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

This is a romance classic blog for a reason. Solid recommendations from Sarah and Amanda, a focus on improving the representation in Romance, calling out overused tropes, general hilarity focused on words like “moist”. All the Romance, none of the shame. You can be into Billionweres here. No one will judge. In fact, one of the Smart Bitches will probably recommend a good one for you.

The trashy article I’m loving right now: Guest Rant: Slut Shaming in Romance

Something of the Book

Kibby will recommend and review all the Fantasy and SciFi for you, with some fantastic gifs and a good dose of humor. Seriously, she’s worked Great British Bake Off gifs into her posts, and I SALUTE her for it. She’s also a brand new blogger, which means you should go give her some love.

The best Kibby article for you: The Confectioner’s Guild: The Book Directly Responsible for Me Re-Watching Great British Baking Show…Again

*As I write all of this out, it occurs to me that a) the book genres I like are so weirdly different? But I genuinely love Horror and Fantasy and SciFi and Romance and I refuse to be ashamed of this and just pick one. And b) humor is a HUGE indication that I will like a blog.* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯