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This week’s top ten is a freebie on the topic of gratitude because for a lot of us Thanksgiving is approaching. If you celebrate, happy Thanksgiving! If you don’t, happy random week in November! Use this as an excuse for a large meal with the people you love, either way.

dwarves gif

Ain’t no feast like a Dwarven feast, in the Shire

To mix it up a little this week, I’m talking about the ten groups I’d invite out of their book worlds to have Thanksgiving with me. Ideally, of course, we’d be having our meal in The Shire.

From the world of The Hobbit

1.They’re hosting the thing, so of course Bilbo, and Frodo Baggins would be there.

2. Wherever Frodo goes, there will go Samwise, so we must invite him, too.

3. The strong possibility that some Dwarves would join us unexpectedly only makes this a better choice, tbh. Okay, it’s Thorin. I’m really hoping Thorin will come.

4. I need someone to help me keep all these different personalities in line, and that’s Gandalf. Pretty sure he’d find the boisterous mix really fun, so it would hard to keep him away anyway.


From the Illuminae Files

5. Kady & Ezra are invited so they can sit together and smirk at each other.

6. Rhys & Asha are invited so they can have a civilized date without someone trying to kill them every other minute.

7. Hanna & Nik, and Ella. They could use a chill meal without some sort of stressful count down. And I think they’d get a kick out of the hobbits. AIDAN is not invited, I want all of my guests to live.


From Six of Crows

8. Kaz Brekker and crew. Nina would love the food, and honestly she could use some happy time. Kaz has to sit by Inej, this is non-negotiable, and he must be pleasant. Or I’ll feed his ass to Smaug.


From The Hating Game

9. Joshua Templeton and Lucy Hutton. I would just sit there staring and blinking back tears as they cuddle. Ugh, right in the feels.

hating game

From A Man Called Ove

10. Ove needs to come. He would grumble and complain and stand awkwardly in the corner for the first hour. He would be absolutely disgusted by all the cussing from the Illuminae group, and sniff about Kaz’s hair. I’d probably learn some new Swedish curse words from him. But Ove needs to come.