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Today’s favorite: Teacher/Mentor Characters

vampire academyDimitri Belikov–Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead

Let’s go ahead and lead off with my (probably inappropriate) love of May/December romances. Dimitri is EXACTLY what I want in my mentor characters. Grumpy, older, hot, with a sexy Russian accent, and an efficient killer instinct. YAS, PLEASE.

There are some good vampires, Moroi, and bad vampires, Strigoi, in the book and a whole plot about protecting vampire royalty to the death and stuff. Whatever, just give me more Dimitri.

wishsongAllanon–The Druid of Shannara, Terry Brooks

Allanon is also grumpy, probably has a sexy accent? and much older. Like, 900 years old. A girl can dream, okay. Anyway he’s too busy saving the world for any romance.

As a mentor he’s harsh and demanding, but always there 100% when the children of Shannara need him. He’s best buddies with Elves and Dwarves, and death incarnate to any dark magic. His Druid magic is pretty kickass. He tends to be mysterious just for the sake of being mysterious which is SUCH an 80s and 90s fantasy cliché. I love him despite it.



tarmaTarma shena Tale’Sedrin–The Oathbound Series, Mercedes Lackey

Tarma is who you want to call when any shenanigans, magical or otherwise, are going down. She’s a ghost trained and goddess blessed warrior who takes ZERO SHIT from anyone, human, magic, or immortal god.

She comes from Mercedes Lackey’s worldbuilding equivalent of Mongolia, so I’m going to go ahead and say she has a sexy accent, too. As a mentor she’s grumpy and practical and won’t hesitate to let you suffer the logical consequences you bring right on yourself. Just like a really good parent.


terrierClara Goodwin–Terrier, Tamora Pierce

Goodwin is a veteran cop who has survived decades on the night shift in the roughest part of Corus. This fictional world is a lot feudal and a whole bunch murdery, so believe me when I say Goodwin is someone you do not want to mess with.

I adore how gruff she is with Beka, slowly opening up and trusting in this super keen recruit. They keep each other alive through multiple crazy mysteries (GIRL POWER!). She’s caustic and practical, never misses the opportunity for a sarcastic one-liner, and loves cats and really she’s just perfection.