Friday Favorites (2)

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March 15 Favorites is all about the albums or songs I love listening to while reading

Music, in general, is one of my very favorite things so this week is pretty much fantastic. Buckle up, bookworms. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole, in the immortal words of Dean Winchester.

*Sorry there’s no album artwork, but I got a little nervous about the copyright infringement.*

Blink 182-She’s Out of Her Mind

Are we calling this alt rock? It’s alt rock. One of my top favorite bands. This song is perfection when you want to sing really loud in the car. 

CAKE-Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Also alt rock. Alternative. Whatever. CAKE has been a favorite of mine since high school, back when the dinosaurs walked without cell phones. lol

Bad Wolves (cover)-Zombie 

Rock. It gradually gets loud, just to warn you. The original song, by The Cranberries, is great and adding the hard rock makes it even better.

Elle King-Shame

I had to Google this one, and she’s blues rock? Which I didn’t even know was a genre. Whatever it’s called, she’s awesome. Her voice is almost growly, so cool to listen to.

Midnight City-Man Without a Country 

Electronic, and I fell in love with this one after I heard it in the Warm Bodies movie. Sigh. Shirtless Nicholas Hoult. 


Another Electronic, gosh do I love this song. The music video is so weirdly awesome.

MUSE-Undisclosed Desires

Alt rock, with a touch of electronic. MUSE is my British band love.

Panic! At the Disco-She Had the World

Panic! is the original alternative, but you wouldn’t know it from this sweet, almost classical song. 

POP Evil-Waking Lions

Definitely rock, and it also gradually builds to loud. That chorus, though! When this first landed on my radar I would listen to it over and over and over.

Rise Against-The Strength to Go On

Rock, blame my husband for starting my addiction to this band all the way back in high school. 

Seether-Rise Above This 

Rock. This is the best breakup recovery song, ever. 

The Killers-When You Were Young 

I’m going to go with alt rock as The Killer’s genre, although my computer says rock. Computers are dumb. 

Lovely the Band-Broken 

More alt rock. It’s definitely my jam. That sneaky little beat just does it for me!