September 20: Favorite Autumn Reads

I am one of those annoying people who love pumpkin spice and celebrate the season it shows up in everything. I admit this with zero shame, because pumpkin spice is the best. And you know what’s even better? Apples. And caramel. And caramel apples. And butternut squash, pecans, maple, cinnamon, cloves…basically every food item in autumn. I’ve learned how to make pumpkin spice (it’s super easy) so I can include the flavor whenever I want, year round, and I CANNOT BE STOPPED.

fall gif

Yep, this is me on September 1st

fall gif

Still me

Something about this time of year calls for dark reads as well, so this is the time I drag out my horror novels. This tends to be pretty Stephen King heavy because I am a loyal constant reader, but I also love short story anthologies with truly depressing themes. [If I can recommend anything to you I would really push the John Joseph Adams edited books, he picks some real stunners.]

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