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December 6: Favorite Book Covers of 2019

Disclaimer: I haven’t even read these. Most of them are anticipated releases and part of a series. I’m a bookworm. I read books. BUT NOT THESE ONES, apparently?

Even though I haven’t read them, I love the covers. Insert shrug emoji here, because life is just this funny place where kids across the country can buy the exact same book at their Scholastic book fair in 1999 and I can like books purely based on their cover in 2019 and this is how it is.

Darkdawn, Jay Kristoff

I’m not emotionally ready for the trauma which is Darkdawn. Also, I haven’t bought it yet. But look at Mia on this cover. Look at my gorgeous little murder star baby and her bloody, dripping hands. The UK cover is included because they’re both kickass and that one is so much more intricate.

Rise of the Magicks, Nora Roberts

2019 covers 1 roberts

Read the first one, loved it, and never read the other two! Shame on SE. Dishonor on you, your cow, your ancestors, and you again. Anyway I love the tree of life Celtic shield and the flame effects on this cover.

The Wallflower Wager, Tessa Dare

2019 covers 4

Wait, I have read this one. It’s the only one on the list. Priorities: straight. Anyway I love the soft pink color scheme and that exact foreplay position. It’s a lot of fun.

Fix it Up, Tessa Bailey

2019 covers 5 bailey

I’m loving the comeback of these illustrated/cartoon covers on romance books. Super cute.


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites Has You Covered

  1. I have no idea how my cover will look for my memoir about attending college as a mother of five. One thing at a time, Vic, one thing at a time. These are great covers, S.E. I love the Fix her Up cover best, with the “Love wasn’t in the blueprints” noted on it. Enjoy your holidays!

  2. I haven’t read half the covers I featured in my post, so we can both be those bookworms together lol! I love the Darkdawn covers so much! I still need to buy a US edition of the book (I have like…4 of the UK one because I’m ridiculous)

    1. The UK edition is so very worthy of having four copies. I almost always love the UK covers more than the US, especially in romance. But this new illustration trend might make me change my mind.

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