Alright, friends. Let’s get to some numbery maths for the year. I’m still at the point where I genuinely enjoy blogging (LET IT NEVER END) and I have a lot of fun breaking my year down in stats.


Visitors in 2018: 2,320

dwarves gif

Success! Over 1,000 more visitors this year than in 2018

Top 5 Posts from 2019:

15 Gorgeous Literary Tattoos (This is DIRECTLY caused by pinning this post to Pinterest. I stuck it up and then months later it just…took off? And was shared like crazy and ended up with over 500 views. The takeaway; cross post stuff. Sometimes it helps.)

16 Parenting Sites/Magazines that Will Pay You to Write for Them (3rd year in a row this has been in the top two and I’m not surprised. Freelancing is HARD. I wish my readers sincere good luck.)

The 5 Types of Query Letter Rejections (It is nice to know what’s coming, I agree. As the Dread Pirate Westley says: ‘get used to disappointment’.)

The Basics of Romance, for Your Author Toolbox (So much fun to write, yet I was also forced to brush up on my basics to write it, which is always the best combination for a post.)

A Modern Slang Dictionary for Writers (Another fun one to write, and it’s ALREADY OUT OF DATE, internet please, slow down, what the actual hell is a yeet, anyway.)

Suddenly squirrel
This has literally nothing to do with anything, it just makes my heart happy

New favourite book blog/Bookstagram I discovered in 2019:

My new favorite romance blog is Ezrah’s at Eye Heart Romance. She had a pretty dang awesome year, herself, which is so cool. She always has a good, thought-provoking take in her posts and reviews. A post of hers I’m loving right now is Thank You, Romancelandia. Her Read a Romance Blog series is awesome, as well.

Favourite post I wrote in 2019:

My Favorite Things About Being a Reader

I still maintain that combining gifs and listicles is the best thing ever and these particular gifs speak right to my soul.

Post I wish had gotten a little more love:

Friday Favorites is Tropetastic

Tis a very silly post, and these specific/slightly weird tropes are dear to my heart.

bookworm gif 9

It’s always the appropriate time for this meme, Y/Y?

Top two searches that led users right to me in 2019: (SERIOUSLY HOW AM I GENERATING SUCH ACCURATE SEARCH TERMS when I literally do nothing to promote my website, this is the second year in a row and ??)

amazon (Again. Please, yet again, don’t take any legal action, Amazon. I have no idea why the two are related, I’m just grateful to get any readers.)

RIP to shower organizer pole super white (For the first two years of this blog this term led people right to me and I really do not get why, but it’s gone this year so RIP.)

Top five countries my readers came from this year:

  • The United States (S’up.)
  • The United Kingdom (Cheers!)
  • Canada (I just discovered The Red Green Show this year and WHERE HAS THIS MAGIC BEEN ALL MY LIFE, I blame you all for not telling me about Red sooner.)
  • India (Hi!)
  • Australia (How are you doing after those awful firestorms? I hope you’re all okay!)

Reasons my readers continue to be the Actual Best™:

You are sophisticated and demand good content, as evidenced by my popular posts featuring SUPER ACADEMIC word wordery, and highbrow discussions about sex.

My gifs don’t scare you.

No one is ever afraid to add something useful or helpful in the comments, which, keep doing that! Just like that.

For that matter: your comments are always about the actual article which never happens on the internet. You’ve made this a peaceful, calm corner of the (honestly) very scary interwebnet and I hope you feel the same sense of safety when you come check out one of my posts.