It’s autumn and I’m so happy. We live in a pretty temperate zone of North America, all things considered. The seasons rest gently on us here. Spring is soft & wonderful, winter isn’t usually so full of snow we can’t get around, and I enjoy the hot days and long evenings in summer. It’s just…they’re not my favorite. Sorry, other seasons. Fall is totally my favorite child. When autumn shows up I am ready to grab it and hug it with both arms. Also, I LOVE pumpkin flavored things. Adore them. Spices, apple, sweet squash flavors, maple, pecan, give me all the fall. I’m basic and not ashamed about it.

The changing weather also makes me feel like doing some shoutouts. It’s the holidays and the focus on gratitude leading me to think of the fellow bookworms I’m thankful for. So this post highlights some romance literary blogs I follow which are awesome and entertaining and you should go check them out. You won’t regret it, although I give you fair warning that your TBR will start growing exponentially and maybe try to kill you.

Romantically Inclined Reviews is a fairly recent up-and-coming blog. And if you follow Romantically Inclined on social media you already know you will find ALL THE ROMANCE MEMES. I don’t know how Kate comes up with such perfectly, piercingly funny ideas consistently but she does and I am full of gratitude for it. She also has awesome meme bookmarks available for purchase.

The Romantically Inclined article I’m loving right now: Review of You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria.

Mazey Eddings is known on #romancestagram as @RomanceInTheWild but in addition to thoughtful posts and reviews, she’s also a debut romance author and has a website! Yay! I’m promised “a tasteful amount of oral puns” to fit her book’s dental school setting and my eyeballs are ready for them. Yes, please.

The Mazey Eddings article I’m currently loving: Loneliness is Really Hard and Weird, Okay?

The Smut Report is a group of ladies who offer reviews, thoughts, trope recs, and roundups. Along with truly nuanced dives into such diverse topics as the literary function of an alpha male mindset in the motorcycle club romance sub-genre. Yes I know that was oddly specific but I assure you it is a thing. For those of us who are truly interested in this kind of thing (ME!) these kinds of thought-posts are gold, okay. The Smut Report is your source for unapologetic, enthusiastic reviews of erotic romance.

The Smut Report I’m loving right now (because I also enjoyed this series for the WTF alien romance plots): Series Review: Vorge Crew 1-4 by Laurann Dohner (2018)

And last but definitely not least I’m grateful for Katrina at Literary Love Books. She is a fierce advocate of the genre in general and has some great takes on who, what, and which series to read. I’ve come to trust her reviews a lot and I always appreciate them.

Literary Love Books article I’m into right now: Beauty Tempts the Beast, by Lorraine Heath, review.