It turns out, finding a ‘book cover’ design is pretty simple. There are options. LOTS of options. But when it comes to a romance book? Suddenly those choices are whittling down from Covered Log Bridge With Fancy Carved Bits to Number 2 Pencil size. Turns out creating a steamy book cover is kind of a niche thing. Rendering eye-catching mystery covers does not translate automatically to lush romance covers. It takes skill and experience with the genre to create a good one.

With my colleague Mssr. Google I was able to find graphic designers who specialize in romance. But what I had more trouble finding was one coherent spot with my options all laid out in one master list. I’m fixing that lack by mushing together the different things I found here, both for your benefit and so I can find them again when I want them. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself as an author, it’s that I hate having to click around through multiple browser windows when I don’t have to. #LifeHack

Steamy Designs. Offers both premade and custom covers, along with branding, marketing, and website design. Prices vary, but start around 100$.

Mayhem Cover Creations. Both premade and custom covers, basic eBook package starting at 100$. Also offers media and logo design packages. They’ve worked with some well known authors in multiple romance genres.

Angela Haddon Book Cover Design. Angela focuses exclusively on premade covers which you shop and add with any relevant add-ons like print options or marketing media. The starting eBook price is 90$ while adding premium editing and changes is 150$. The quality looked amazing, from what I saw.

Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs. Full disclosure, I chose to work with Jaycee for my own books and highly recommend her. Basic eBook design starts at 65$, print adds 35$, and she offers multiple other a la carte services like eBook formatting, website design, social media, and swag.

The Write Designer. Best budget option I’ve found, premade eBook covers start at 49$ (add 60$ for a paperback option) while custom designs are 99$. She has an extensive portfolio of historical romance options.

Maria Spada Cover Design. Both premade and custom options, Maria makes gorgeous, colorful covers for romance, fantasy, and SciFi. EBook covers started at 180$ while an eBook and print package was 200$. She obviously pays attention to trends and was right on top of them, from what I saw.

Kasmit Covers. Lots of experience in SciFi/Alien romance covers with some authors who were familiar to me! Yay. They offer three simple tiers for eBook covers which depend on degree of formatting & revisions, Tier 1 starts at 100$. Print covers & other media are a la carte.

Bella Media Management. Premade (from 89-150$) and custom cover options (150$ eBook to 250$ print book design). Some of the covers were amazing, some looked low quality. Kind of a mixed bag.

Razzle Dazzle Design. Basic eBook cover design starting at 110$, print 160$. She also offers media and branding packages.

Paper and Sage. Extensive, high quality premade selection (including series packages) and custom options. Packages start at 100$ eBook + 50$ print.

Fiona Jayde Media. Looks like a basic book package starts at 229$ and there are multiple media and marketing options to choose from as well. Super high quality custom options, including illustration for fantasy covers.

RLD (Robin Ludwig) Cover Design. Both premade and custom options available, starting at 99$ for eBook up to 189$ for eBook and print.

Deranged Doctor Design. Despite the name this service works with multiple types of romance genres and has an extensive portfolio. They will custom design everything from covers to social media to a promotion kit. They’re pricey (starting around 250$ a package) and booked solid for a good year at a time, so order WAY ahead of your release date if you want to work with them.

RBA Designs. Working with a limited number of new clients, RBA offers a basic eBook and paperback package starting at 200$. She’ll also do swag, marketing, and graphics.

Wolfsparrow Covers. Premade (pretty decent selection starting at 50-100$) and custom packages (from 300$ up). She books well ahead of time so get your request in at least 6 months before your release date and earlier if possible.

The Book Cover Designer. Offers any genre of book, including romance. Premade covers start at 45$ and look about that quality. The pricier covers look a lot better.