The IWSG anthology is out today, and I’m so excited! Since my story is included, I had the privilege of reading the entire thing as it was getting prepared for publication, and you are in for a treat.

In the book you’ll find many great short stories, bringing you back to that sensation of your first love. A cold, controlled woman who just might be thawed by the special care taken to make her doughnuts, a sweet historical, a look back at life at why that first love is the hardest to forget, a bit of tension in another historical, second chances, sparks flying, and an older woman on a quest to find her first love. It’s all here, and it’s so sweet.

My own story was, to be brutally honest, inspired by a meme. It was meant to be humorous, but it made me start thinking; what if the beast was indeed beastly, but the beauty was so in love with the castle and the library that he couldn’t scare her away? And what if he was so terrified by this ray of sunshine roommate that his only defensive maneuver was to fall hard for her? I took that idea and went a little nuts with it. A first review says:

“A grateful Hippolyta disarms the reclusive Konrad as two lonely outcasts work their way towards love in a gothic castle worthy of the most exceptional fairy tales.”–Katie Klein

You can find the book at all major retailers, including Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. I hope it gives you nothing but the best warm and fuzzies.