Currently unpublished, SE White is an author. When not reading she is writing, when not writing she’s wrangling the three tiny destroyers who call her “mom,” the bearded guy who calls her “wife” or “woman”, and the cat who doesn’t call her anything and denies her very existence.

As soon as she has a publishing offer, this depressingly empty section of the website will be full of links to buy her books. For now, come along to find hope, humor, tips, tricks and encouragement for your own writing road. Any and all bookworms are welcome here! When she’s published, you can expect books full of quirky characters and tropes done well. Some of her characters will be stumbling into love in the wild west of 1870s Nevada, some will be running as fast as they can away from their Soulmates in an alternate modern universe, but all of them will find a happily ever after. Guaranteed.

As Lili Draguer, SE White is published by eXtasy Books. She is an author and fan of erotic romance. She loves watching romantic comedies, the sappier the better, snarky banter a definite plus. When she’s not baking something from GBBO she’s writing love stories that slip into the super sexy and forbidden. Her favorite thing to write is a love story full of steamy sparks that lead to a happily ever after—no cheating!

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