Big Mistake

Book Cover: Big Mistake
Part of the Taboo Love series:
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-4874-1556-3
Pages: 96
Paperback: $ 5.50
ISBN: 978-1487419462

Their love is off limits, for so many reasons.

Planning a sexy surprise for her boyfriend one night, Jenny Carter doesn’t double check who she just grabbed in the dark, and in one big mistake ends up seducing her high school Math teacher, Mr. Smith. Trying to deny the out of bounds attraction she just sparked between them turns out to be futile. The consequences for being caught would destroy their lives. Teacher and student will have to decide what to do about their intense and forbidden romance, and the love growing wild in their hearts. Conventional wisdom says that if you love something, you should let it go, but nothing about their love is conventional.

Author Note:

The author does not endorse or promote sexual relationships between teachers and students. This is strictly a work of fiction and in no way an endorsement of seducing an actual educator. The first chapter of this book contains a plot device that would never exist in real life, that any teachers reading will catch immediately—an unlocked door after hours at a high school.

Reviews:Tropical Mary on Literary Homicide with Tropical Mary wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and thought about it frequently in the days after I had finished it. Initially, I wasn’t sure which way the plot was going to go, and I worried that the narrative would eventually surround the characters getting caught in the act. The “getting caught in a compromising position” trope is boring and tired for this type of story. Whereas, infatuation turning into love, and the difficult decisions that come with that realisation is far more compelling to me.

I was able to put myself in both characters’ position. If I were a student in love with a teacher, who showed me kindness and attention after a life full of neglect, what would I do or want? If I were the teacher or the older of the two, and in love with a brilliant, budding, young mind, would I be bale to let them develop into their own person sans my expectations and wants? These questions aren’t only relevant in relationships where there is a clear age difference, they are applicable to all relationships. Is any of us capable of being truly unselfish and putting another person’s happiness before our own? Even when that means that they have to hurt for a little while. I think that they author engaged with these problems and considerations very compassionately.

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