Fall Into Fantasy: 2020 Edition

Fall Into Fantasy 2020 brings you thirteen tales from authors both new and familiar. Our authors explore many subgenres of fantasy and ask questions like, "What if someone out there is writing your life story?", "Can you change your reality through dreams?", "If someone is so securely locked away, is there a reason?", and "If you could do over a decision in your life, would you?" They bring you wizards, a magic hat, vampires, and fantastical creatures to tickle your imagination. They explore social media challenges and the powers of a child's imagination.Come along with us on these journeys. You may just find a new favorite author to follow.

Stories In This Edition: "The Scribnery" by Jessica Chanese, "First Encounter" by S. A. McKenzie, "Three A.M. Challenge" by David Powell, "The Magnificent Hat" by Bethany A. Perry, "The Prisoner's Cage" by Alex Minns, "World of Your Dreams" by Chris Bauer, "Stardust & Lies" by Mato J. Steger, "Museum of Lost Souls" by David Cleden, "When the Last King Dies" by Jess Ko, "Mr. Regret" by R.A. Clarke, "The Princess in the Tower" by S.E. White, "Slay a Fledgling" by Elyssa Campbell, & "The Overlander's Poison" by Amy de la Force


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