The Sidekick and The Supervillain

Book Cover: The Sidekick and The Supervillain
Part of the Super Love series:

He's a bad guy. He's got the best supervillain banter she's ever heard. And…he really wants to take her on a date? 

Michaela Martin is a sidekick (without-a-lot-of-kick) in a world full of superheroes and supervillains. Standing for the good in her own quiet way, she's considered weak with a power no one wants to see her use. She's survived this long by showing up to help in the rare battles she's allowed in and never, ever saying what she really thinks. Until the day The Evil Bane recognizes her at work.

Now Michaela's falling a little deeper into his world after every irresponsible date night. With the help of her villain she's finding out that there are shades between black and white. And she's going to have to make a choice. Between the good she's always fought for, and what's really good for the city. Between keeping her head down or speaking up. Because The Evil Bane may not be as terrible as his supervillain name and this dutiful sidekick might be turning towards the other side.

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