The Great Reading Wrap-Up of 2021

In the grand tradition of December, let’s do some wrapping up. Wrap some presents. Wrap-up your post-holiday shopping. Write lots of wrap-up lists. Wrap-up small, misbehaving children Krampus style to mail to . . . haha . . . ooops. Don’t do that. Got carried away there. Number Of Books I Read: A very respectable 174 I kept my goal of 200, despite knowing that was stupidly unrealistic with me going back to work full time. And indeed, my reading…

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Holiday Wishes from SE to You

Happy Yuletide and holiday variations thereupon! Whatever we celebrate, we can be glad we have the people we love around us, something to read, and a little bit of time to read it. Unless you’re one of the lucky, lucky people who live in Iceland and celebrate Jólabókaflóðið, and then you have roughly twice the amount of time to read as anyone else, plus tradition telling you to do it. Please let me come live with you, I will stay…

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