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The Insecure Writer’s Support Group Judges Your Website

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and thus it is IWSG day. The group is a haven for all anxiety, and insecurities. We meet (online! the socially anxious may now doubly rejoice) every month to share, support, and encourage each other. To sign up for the group yourself, head over to the sign up page and prepare to bask in the warmth of our support. No, really. Support and caring. Each month members of the group co-host to keep…

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So How is Author Life Going, SE?

I’m so glad you asked. (Literally no one has asked). I did promise to make this independent author journey transparent, though. So you are about to get the update you might not have wanted, but will be interested in anyway. Onward! As indie author SE White I released my novella, Beneath Me, in August of 2021. You will be pleased and proud to know that Draft 2 Digital already had to send me two royalty payments. Yep! A whole $3.20…

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It’s Release Day! (Again!) The Sidekick and The Supervillain by SE White

Here we are again, my bookworm friends. Yes, the IWSG romance anthology and my own book came out within days of each other. It’s just the way things worked out, timing wise. As of today, you can get your hands on Michaela and Hiro’s story and it’s a good one. It’s someone with a devoted romance background (hi, it me) taking on superhero tropes and adding a happily ever after to the kind of stories which don’t often get their…

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