Blog Problems: Oh Joy

It took me a long time to figure it out, but it appears that comments have stopped working on the blog. If you’ve left a comment on the last three posts for me I apologize! It’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s a technical problem. Of course I figured out what was happening on aContinue reading “Blog Problems: Oh Joy”

A Happy Holiday Post From Me to You

No matter where you are or what you celebrate, if you’re reading this we’ve made it through 2020 and we collectively as human beings celebrate that. We’re still here, regardless of everything the last twelve months threw at us, and we will keep going. Whatever nasty things 2021 throws at us will at least beContinue reading “A Happy Holiday Post From Me to You”

Fall In Love With These Bookblogs: 2020 Edition

It’s autumn and I’m so happy. We live in a pretty temperate zone of North America, all things considered. The seasons rest gently on us here. Spring is soft & wonderful, winter isn’t usually so full of snow we can’t get around, and I enjoy the hot days and long evenings in summer. It’s just…they’reContinue reading “Fall In Love With These Bookblogs: 2020 Edition”

Friday Favorites is a Smooth Criminal

April 5 Favorite is Fictional Criminals My friends: My family: Strangers on the street: SE *gets a bullhorn* *climbs up on box*: TAMORA PIERCE IS THE BEST YA FANTASY AUTHOR EVER. And you all should have read her already. I do keep trying to use other authors for this list, but Tamora just seems to happen.Continue reading “Friday Favorites is a Smooth Criminal”