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Bookish Worlds I Would Live In Tomorrow, and A Few I Wish to Avoid

Today I’m making a half-and-half list. Five bookish worlds I would move to in one second, no questions asked, YES my bags are already packed; and five bookish worlds where I’d last long enough for one good Hollywood scream. First, the top five worlds I would disappear to in an instant if it were somehow possible: 1. Narnia If you tell me you never wanted to live in a world where the animals could wish you ‘good morning’, I will…

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Bookish Events Which Should Totally be a Thing

Our society is a very media centered one, I’m pretty sure we can all agree on this. Sometimes I do wish it were a tad more focused on print media. Specifically, books. What a world we could have if being a bookworm was seen as perfectly standard instead of, say, turned into amusingly dorky personality traits for movies and niche memes. (For the record, I do LOVE the memes.) Can you picture it? Can you see a time/place where you…

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