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SE and that Summer Classical Feel

The recent recommendation posts going up on my site may lead readers to believe that all I ever read is filthy, filthy smut. And this is 90% accurate. But I am also an intense mood reader and sometimes I’m in a different reading mood. Then I turn to either horror, or my other surprise favorite: classical literature. I know. I know. Wtf, SE? How random can you get? Just wait, it gets even less comprehensible. Because if I’m being honest,…

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Friday Favorites Goes Spacey

The favorites we’re exploring for June 28 is: Books set in Space Like every other genre, I read all over the spectrum of SciFi. So this list has some of your basic YA, some classic adult SciFi, and a little of my new favorite niche, super sexy SciFi romance. Because Ruby Dixon is a gift to this world and we do not deserve her. Illuminae trilogy, Jay Kristoff & Amy Kaufmann The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Becky…

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