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Book Tropes: I Can’t Argue With You When You’re Sick!

For this post it’s that trope, nearly always employed in an enemies-to-lovers type situation, where one of the duo gets sick/injured or is suddenly in imminent danger. Ruh-roh, Scooby! Because they are acting like antagonists life conspires to basically FORCE their defenses down in a way the character would probably never do on their own. Isn’t it the best? When they’re happily spatting, all defensive maneuvers deployed, the sarcasm shots launching A+ hard, and then it’s all “Wait, you’re sick?…

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How to Support Diverse Books and BIPOC Writers: Author Toolbox

After the Black Lives Matter protests have died down, when local law enforcement has been restructured and defunded, as June Pride Month slides over into July, we will still be holding vigil and working to create change. As writers, we have a lot of options and a lot more power than we might think. Words seem fragile, but we know words can turn potentiality into reality. Words can build or break, tear down or repair, halt all forward motion or…

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A Rainbow of Friday Favorites

Our favorites for today (May 24) is Diverse Books. I’m taking this to mean “diverse” in the all-inclusive sense. Okay that came out as a weird sentence. What I mean is, main characters who are persons of color (NOT just side characters), books which include the LGBTQ spectrum, and ownvoices stories. There will be multiple types of plots going on this list. My Favorite Diverse YA & Fantasy: Tamora Pierce YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD ESCAPED MY TAMORA PIERCE OBSESSION, DIDN’T…

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