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10 Books That Have All the Sensory Feels

This is all about the trip down memory lane. It sounds strange at first to think a book, dead leaves stuffed full of inky imprints of soul, could come with a strong sensory memory attached to anything other than your eyes. But if you think about it, a lot of different things combine to be part of the reading experience. Where you were, what you were going through at the time, your environment, even what you were eating. Most of…

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Books That Lived Up to Their Hype

Watching a book get smeared all over popular culture is a bit anxiety-inducing for me. When a book has legions of adoring fans, I want to trust them. I really do. They must like it for a reason, right? It’s popular and everyone seems to love it. But will I love it? Is it too hyped? Does it deserve all the praise? Wait, did yet another person just rate it five stars on Goodreads? Every bookworm knows this feeling. It’s anticipation, mixed…

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Top Ten Tuesday, Best Character Names

To sign up or find other blogs participating, head over here to That Artsy Reader Girl.com. For Top Ten Tuesday this week I am shamelessly giving you some Harry Potter spam. I’m a proud Potterhead, and I’m always happy to show my love. Here are ten of my favorite character names from the Wizarding world. J.K. Rowling is particularly good at using root/Latin to imbue her character names with tons of meaning. I love how many hidden clues there are in all…

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