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Sewhitebooks Wants Your Childhood

Our theme today: Favorite Books from Childhood Full on nostalgia hit this week. I blame my fourth cup of pumpkin spiced coffee. Anyway, allow me to throw this entire list at you and then fight off the urge to go re-read all of these immediately. And also let me know your own childhood favorites! I’ve got two school-age mini bookworms growing up and I’m sure we’d all love to read them, too. The Beatrix Potter stories For some reason we…

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Friday Favorites Contains a Little Hate

October 4: Favorite Characters that Other People Hate This may be the trickiest prompt I’ve ever done? Kibby excels at coming up with the brain-teasing, controversial Friday Favorites. (See: that one time she wanted to throw the match and watch it burn) Obviously this will be a super subjective list and your mileage may vary, standard cautions, etc & etc. Except for Dolores Umbridge, who we can all agree is virulent toad slime wrapped in sickly pink cardigans, there isn’t really a…

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Friday Favorites: Pumpkin Spice Horror Edition

September 20: Favorite Autumn Reads I am one of those annoying people who love pumpkin spice and celebrate the season it shows up in everything. I admit this with zero shame, because pumpkin spice is the best. And you know what’s even better? Apples. And caramel. And caramel apples. And butternut squash, pecans, maple, cinnamon, cloves…basically every food item in autumn. I’ve learned how to make pumpkin spice (it’s super easy) so I can include the flavor whenever I want, year…

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Friday Favorites has a Disapproving Look at my TBR

March 1: TBR Books (we all have those books on our TBR that we know will be favorites, but just sit on our TBR forever) Ah, the beautiful Mount TBR, smoking gently in the light of my bedside lamp, just waiting patiently to explode. Foothills made of giftcard purchases and one-click Kindle freebies. Small, winding paths of bookstagram recommendations that end in the sheer drop known as “this series isn’t finished yet. Oops, haha!” And the relentless cliffs comprised of eighteen…

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