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The Insecure Writer’s Group and the Epoch of Belief

It must be the first Wednesday of the month, because here I am writing with insecurity, from a place of simultaneous doubt and confidence. If you like to write with similar contradictions, and want to come out the other side of the post feeling obscurely reassured by complete strangers on the internet, this is definitely the group for you. Come join! Speaking of complete strangers floating gently around the interwebs doing kind deeds, this month our IWSG co-hosts are Kim…

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Author Life: Putting a Book on Draft2Digital

We’re starting out with the first, basic baby-steps to independent authoring. Well, no. The actual first step is to finish a book. Truly finish not just hit 60K, write “the end”, and shove that sucker out of the nest all bare-assed without even pinfeathers. Your book must hatch: cheep loudly demanding brainworms until you think you may well lose your mind: require hand-fed edits and critiques to grow: regurgitate some re-writes: and get a few more edits just to be…

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The Social Media Beast Requires Regular Feeding from Your Author Toolbox

This is an author toolbox blog post. The toolbox is a group of authors who come together to learn, share resources, and grow. Non-author friends who are in publishing are also welcome to join in. We’re going on three years strong now! Come check our group out and see what you think. In this day and age authors have to put ourselves out there, hanging weightless in cyberspace with multiple tentacles dangling into the ether. We need a platform. We’ve…

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