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Giving You All the Squee: Declarations of Love

This is one of the best parts of reading romance, in my humble opinion. Oh, those declarations of love! If you tell me you never rewound and and sighed a little bit and re-played that one part of a movie adaptation I will say I believe you . . . but secretly I will think you sit on a throne made of lies. Come on. It’s the best part! My Favorite Bookish Confessions of Love Leading off with the best.…

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So You Need a Book Cover: 16 Romance Cover Designers

It turns out, finding a ‘book cover’ design is pretty simple. There are options. LOTS of options. But when it comes to a romance book? Suddenly those choices are whittling down from Covered Log Bridge With Fancy Carved Bits to Number 2 Pencil size. Turns out creating a steamy book cover is kind of a niche thing. Rendering eye-catching mystery covers does not translate automatically to lush romance covers. It takes skill and experience with the genre to create a…

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