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Yet Another Slang List for your Author Toolbox (2023 edition)

And we’re back! A general slang dictionary for the 2000s (containing such elemental online basics as NSFW and gif) can be found for your delighted perusal here. And an updated version (from 2020, containing words like yeet, and already outdated! Isn’t it fun how that works) can be found for you here. The internet moves faster than the speed of light. What was cool to say in 2020 has now evolved like the Tuatara lizard. I fully expect this list…

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An Updated Slang Dictionary for Your Author Toolbox

This is an Author Toolbox hop post. Every month, the hop supports writers of every stage with resources, ideas, inspiration, tips, and tricks for any and all comers. Join us here at author Raimey Gallant’s website. We’ve been here before (in 2018 with A Modern Slang Dictionary for Your Writer Toolbox) but guess what. It’s 2020 now and the slang has changed! Why does it change so fast? Is it only to annoy us elderly folk? Is it a result of instant…

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