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Bookish Worlds I Would Live In Tomorrow, and A Few I Wish to Avoid

Today I’m making a half-and-half list. Five bookish worlds I would move to in one second, no questions asked, YES my bags are already packed; and five bookish worlds where I’d last long enough for one good Hollywood scream. First, the top five worlds I would disappear to in an instant if it were somehow possible: 1. Narnia If you tell me you never wanted to live in a world where the animals could wish you ‘good morning’, I will…

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Friday Favorites Tag Teams

November 22 is: Favorite Character Team Ups From The Lord of the Rings Universe Frodo Baggins & Samwise Gamgee: ultimate team-up goals. Full stop. Meriadoc Brandybuck & Peregrin Took: a partnership forged in the Shire which only grew stronger through adversity and separation and eventually saved the whole Shire. Legolas Greenleaf & Gimli son of Gloin: the unlikely friendship which persisted even after death. From The Discworld Esmeralda (Granny) Weatherwax & Gytha (Nanny) Ogg: seventy years of tag-teaming witchcraft and taking…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Travel Bug Edition

If a book is well written, you disappear into the world of the story, right? At least, that’s part of the magic for me. I love being whisked away to unreal worlds, or to a real place magically re-imagined, or just a plain old real city. This week, top ten Tuesday is all about the books that Awaken the Travel Bug in Me. I don’t have ten books for this list, mostly because I got carried away by whole geographical…

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