The scoreboard:

  1. Established Medium Size Agency (or EMS): #pass, with a very polite form letter. Much appreciated.
  2. EMS: No reply, which means #pass
  3. New Small Agency (now NSA): Zero reply, #pass
  4. EMS: No reply. #pass.
  5. Small Independent Agency-Romance Only: #pass with the kindest personal letter full of pointers.
  6. EMS: #pass, with a slightly more personalized form letter. I’m actually very excited about that.
  7. New Romance Only Agency: #pass with an encouraging form letter.
  8. Big 5 Imprint: No reply, #pass.
  9. EMS: #pass with a nice form letter.
  10. Small Boutique Agency: #pass with an encouraging, although non-specific letter.
  11. EMS: No reply #pass
  12. EMS: No reply #pass.
  13. EMS: Also thinking #pass.
  14. EMS: Another no reply #pass.
  15. Small Boutique Agency: #pass with a nice email.
  16. EMS: Quick turnaround on a kind #pass email. I have learned that if they email you the next day that is not a good thing.
  17. Old Venerable Agency: #pass with a form email. At least it was kind.
  18. Romance Only Imprint: Submittable says it’s a #pass, only they turn your little hopeful blue “In Progress” button to dead, ashy grey “Rejected”. Thanks Submittable.
  19. EMS: #pass with a nice email
  20. Second Big 5 Imprint: #pass with a form.
  21. EMS: zero answer #pass
  22. Novella Only Small Agency: #pass? No answer and no acknowledgement that they received it, so for all I know it’s lost and wandering in the ether of cyberspace, crying for me. I’m sorry, my beautiful manuscript. I cannot find you. I’m barely computer literate.

The unending waterfall of #pass without even a spark of interest in a partial is wearing me down, so I’m taking a break from querying to get my manuscript beta-read like a mofo and work on my query letter some more.

And finishing my next manuscript.

Also researching where to keep querying, when I start up again.

Also joined a reading challenge (#HRChallenge2017), and a new idea for another book just kinda landed on my head, like a giant apple. It hurt. And needs to be outlined so I don’t lose it.

Since I’ve made this sound like so much fun, why don’t you polish up your own manuscript and go for it? Here’s a link to the site Every Writer with a comprehensive list of publishers that they add and update when needed. They are rockstars for doing this.