1. We function best with comfy, secluded, darkened spaces. In a house, there was a writing cave. Inside that writing cave, there was a desk. At that desk, there was an author and an empty notebook. Under that desk, there was a blanket fort, and in that blanket fort there was . . . a writer’s block. See? It just works.

cave gif

2. Random screams into the void have high probability. Also we’ll hiss at our Word program, to assert dominance, after it tries to autocorrect the character’s name for the fiftieth goddamn time.

the light gif

3. Highly developed sense of hearing means we pick up on and use the conversations we hear around us all the time. Especially you, Karen in line who is abusing the cashier for no real reason. Oh, yes. You are going into the next book.

line gif

4. Specially adapted eyesight means we catch the personal quirks of random strangers to adapt into characters.

turtle gif

5. We’re mostly shy, introverted, and prefer the cover of night.

avoid people gif

6. Shove us out into the light and we might dry up into a pile of melodramatic dust. It’s a risk. Don’t do it.

dust gif

7. We tend to scurry into darkened corners when placed in overly bright social situations.

act normal gif

8. Flocks of us congregate online at late hours to debate minuscule facets of obscure writing advice.

online gif

9. Writing is better than lying in bed, wide-eyed, watching the shadows dance and populating them with imaginary creatures.

shadows gif

10. How else would we legitimize drinking coffee after 4pm?

coffee gif


This post has been a bit of a silly addition to the Author Toolbox blog hop, because I’m exhausted trying to stay on top of the doom and gloom lately and wanted something light this month. Anyway the hop was created in 2017 and is hosted by author Raimey Gallant. Authors at all stages of their career are welcome to join, and don’t worry, the posts are much more helpful than this one might lead you to believe. Come to the dark side with us.

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