I'm Published by Mamalode!

My article on Mamalode.com about translating what you say in Mommy to Toddler speak is up, and I get paid depending on views. (I.e. no views=no pay). So I’m putting the link up here. I maybe get a view (thank you!) and you get a fun five minute read that includes the words “howler monkey” and “amphetamines” in the same sentence, it’s a win situation for everyone.


my readers: running away from shameless begs

Freelance writing caught my definite interest while researching all things writer. To my way of thinking it’s good practice to try writing and pitching short articles. My writing is tightening up to meet the post word counts, it flows more easily as I dash off multiple pieces on different topics, my query letters are getting better the more I practice pitching to editors, and as I gain traction with “yes” emails my confidence goes up too. All of it is a good learning process for me as I get ready to finish this third manuscript and start querying it for publication.

Last but not least I think agents are more inclined to take your query seriously if you include some published writing credits in the bio portion. It’s a gut feeling, nothing I can prove, but it seems like agents lean towards a proven thing. It makes sense, your writing is their payday and if you have proof that someone else thought you were worth taking a chance on their paycheck starts to look more certain. Not very glamorous, but true. So the ability to list websites that have taken my writing could be useful when I start querying again.

If the idea has piqued your interest, go check out some sites that might take your articles. A good starter list can be found here on the site Guest Post Tracker.