Not much of a long wordy post today, I’m too busy doing a happy Muppet flail!


here’s a Muppet flail, for reference


I’m thrilled to announce that my first ever book, Big Mistake, is now available!

Coming from eXtasy Books

You can find it here on eXtasy Book’s website.

Look at that pretty, shiny new cover. That’s right, an official link to an official eBook that I officially wrote! Do I get to tell people “I’m an author” when they ask what I do? It’s established fact now? Riding on the wave of euphoria, I’m going to say yes. There’s a book with my pen name on it, linked to a book page on my website, which feels like a big fat yes. All the affirmation in the world. Realizing a lifelong dream is a strange, huge feeling.

(This book is not suitable for readers under 18. It contains explicit sex and an older man/younger woman relationship. Reader discretion is advised.)

Book blurb:

Their love is off limits, for so many reasons.

Planning a sexy surprise for her boyfriend one night, Jenny Carter doesn’t double check who she just grabbed in the dark, and in one big mistake ends up seducing her Math teacher, Mr. Smith. Trying to deny the out of bounds attraction she just sparked between them turns out to be futile. The consequences for being caught would destroy their lives. Teacher and student will have to decide what to do about their intense and forbidden romance, and the love growing wild in their hearts. Conventional wisdom says that if you love something, you should let it go, but nothing about their love is conventional.


If forbidden, spicy romance with a guaranteed happily ever after is your thing, these are definitely the droids you’re looking for.

And now that the contract has been signed, I can also tell you the second book in the Taboo Love series will be published by eXtasy Books! For a little while I’m going to let myself (and Lili, my pen name) bask in the glow. It’s much softer than the usual slam of rejection.

Then it will be back to work, querying my New Adult romance under my regular name.






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