Switching from the free (.wordpress.com) website to a self-hosted (.com) site has a lot of support. For starters, there are plenty of how-to articles with step by step instructions. There are YouTube videos. The self-hosting service I chose (Site Ground) works with WordPress so that computer illiterate people, like me, only have to push a few buttons to make the transfer.

Even with all of that, the whole thing took about six hours (I’m still not done tweaking the tiny bits, but the main move and set-up took that long) and left me feeling a little wobbly in the brain matter. I have to be honest. Slightly less fun than going to the dentist for a cleaning, more enjoyable than a root-canal. Let’s put it in that category. We can also put it in the “life skills I would like to not use again” file.

computer gif

Robot Dude is probably better at computering than I am

For now, I will tentatively declare this move a success. If you’re thinking about switching to a self-hosted site, I can recommend Site Ground. It was easy to use, everything was clearly spelled out, and they really do work seamlessly with WordPress. I chose their base package, which starts at 3.95$ (US dollars) a month. After a year, it will go up to 6.95$ if I read all the details right.

A few things haven’t gone so smooth, mostly through self-inflicted errors. Some of the media didn’t make the move, and everyone who clicked the “follow” button on the free website stayed there, too. I’m sorry, followers, if you do make it to this new site.

The biggest surprise (which I realize should have been obvious) was that everything the free WordPress site did automatically, I have to create or set up with a plugin on the self-hosted site. I’m still figuring out how to make most of it work again, and this post is also partly a way for me to get used to the new way of doing things on www.sewhitebooks.com.

Feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments section. If I can help anyone else out through their own web-hosting process, I would love to. If you’ve already set up your own website, let me know which hosting you use and how that’s working for you.



featured image via stocksnap.io and Aaron Burden