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Whoever from IWSG is tuning into my brainwaves, if you could tune right back out that would be a lot more comfortable for all of us. I have been feeling a bit rainy lately, and then along comes the IWSG asking: When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

It started me wondering whether writers typically suffer an end-of-winter slump? I know I am feeling particularly slumpy.

Yes, David Tennant. I feel just the same.

I don’t know about “dig down and keep on”. That sounds much more staunch and gritty than I really am. I do have a few steps that I follow to get myself out of the blue periods. Sometimes the first step works, and I’m off again. Sometimes I have to use several steps, or all of them. If they sound helpful, feel free to steal them for your own dark times. We’re all in this together.

Step one: Accept that rainy times happen. No really, they do. No matter how mature or well adjusted I think I am. Life happens. Perhaps for no reason, other than that it’s been a while and my hormones feel like slapping me upside the heart. It’s okay for there not to be a reason. I don’t have to pretend I need one.

Step two: take a break. No writing for a little while. If the voice inside won’t stop telling me how awful everything I’m trying to write is, it’s time for a break. Fifth rejection in a row, or a manuscript that didn’t even make it to the final round of a RWA contest . . . time for a cooling-off period from the doubtful voice that sings the same old tune over and over.

calm down gif

Words to live by

Step three: Deliberately look up all of the things I’ve done right. Dig out that old critique feedback that was so nice. Look up my name in the one RWA contest that I did place in. Reject the idea that the good things are few and far between. There’s that little voice again, and I’m going to ignore it AGGRESSIVELY.

Step four: Read something funny. My poison of choice is Terry Pratchett. Watch something sweet, or inspiring. Enchanted (from the gif above) is a fantastic choice for this. Take a walk. Sunshine preferred, but I’ll take what I can get.

Step five: repeat as needed.