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This is an Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. Come, writers of all neurotic types, and join us. Any and all are welcome and the support is unbeatable. Our Co-Hosts this month are Raimey Gallant (Hi!!), Natalie AguirreCV Grehan and Michelle Wallace. Don’t forget to go over and show them some loving support.

The (optional) question for this February 6th: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have?

Does the ability to raise three tiny destroyers without significant loss of life, limb, or property count as a creative outlet? Keeping those boogers entertained, cleaned, fed, and healthy definitely takes some desperate innovation. I’m also a preschool teacher for my day job. If you’re bored on a rainy day, I can make projects out of common household items like cornflour or dish soap in two minutes or less. The odds are very good I’ll also forget myself and ask a grown adult if they’ve gone potty before we leave the house. Such are the job hazards. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Suddenly squirrel

100% Accurate depiction of parenting. And teaching.

I’m (slowly) becoming fluent in Spanish. It’s a labor of love and will go much quicker when I can immerse myself in a Spanish-speaking environment. I’m already fluent in sarcasm and inappropriate snark. Languages, etymology, and slang are something I’ve always been fascinated with. Before I go anywhere international I’d better learn how to say “I apologize, I didn’t vote for him”. “Rata de dos patas, lo odio” ought to do it.

Before 2017 I had no idea I was so good at taking pictures of books. This is a skill I was delighted to learn I have. Honestly #bookstagram has opened up a WIDE array of talents for me, including memes and coming up with fun hashtags. I’m also pretty damn good at finding silly gifs for this blog. GO, ME.


Lego Star Wars just gives it that touch of classic elegance.

Let’s see. I played cello and flute for a little over twelve years, from elementary school up until college. Surprising absolutely no one on here, I was a bookworm AND a band geek. It’s been a while due to the aforementioned tiny destroyers, which means I’ve almost but not quite forgotten just about all of it. That’s one creative outlet I’d like to get back to.