Book Tropes: I’m A Damsel, I’m In Distress, I Can Handle This. Have a Nice Day.

Every once in a while I’m in the mood for a SUPER specific, niche type of trope. In this post, it’s the typical Damsel in Distress situation, but with an atypical damsel. I want the kind of book where:

  • things are going down, it’s getting grim, the odds are against them
  • the hero has literally *just* said something like, “We’ll never make it!” or “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”
  • then the heroine strolls in all unconcerned and takes out the enemy without chipping a nail
  • while the hero looks on with a mix of shock, pride, and awe.
  • the heroine has no time for your doubts, she is here to get shit done
  • the sort of book which makes me pause my reading and make the “YAS, Queen” face.
  • If you’re in that mood too, this list is for you.

Savage Desire, Tiffany Roberts (Or really any of the Infinite City series, please just go read all of them, you’re welcome.)

Any book by Ruby Dixon, Ruby specializes in these types of heroines, but Bound to the Battle God is a fab example.

The Midwinter Mail Order Bride, Kati Wilde

Magic Bites, Illona Andrews

Halfway to The Grave, Jeaniene Frost

ANY KRESLEY COLE BOOK EVER but specifically Wicked Abyss or Sweet Ruin.

I’m sorry I don’t have more contemporary recs for you, but I’m told From Lukov, With Love, Mariana Zapata has this trope

Also Red Lily or Vision in White, Nora Roberts

Yes! Capable heroines do exist in historical romance like An Affair to Remember, Karen Hawkins

Lord of Scoundrels, Loretta Chase, with Jessica, the OG badass heroine

The Prize, Julie Garwood

Her Protector’s Pleasure, Grace Callaway

Forbidden, Beverly Jenkins

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The best kind of damsel! I see a lot of books getting added to my TBR 🙂

Natalie Aguirre

I like atypical damsels too. Thanks for sharing all the great book recommendations. Most of the authors are new to me.

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