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It’s the first Wednesday in December, so you know what that means! A hastily written post full of little substance and much snark to get you through another month.

Our co-hosts this month are  Joylene Nowell Butler, Chemist Ken, Natalie Aguirre, Nancy Gideon, and Cathrina Constantine! And we absolutely owe them a thank-you visit and comment for adding this to their already full loads in December.

The question for December 7th which I will happily answer is: It’s holiday time! Are the holidays a time to catch up or fall behind on writer goals?

The answer:


Obviously I would prefer if my falling behind (OH SO VERY BEHIND) was softly serenaded with some David Bowie goodness, and I got to wear some kickass genuine 80s fashion while dancing around a menacing ballroom bubble spell. Alas, I am left with a burned CD with lots of Bowie, no dancing, still falling behind on my writing, and a kickass genuine 90s Walkman to play the CD on. I can’t get rid of it and so long as it stays alive I never will get rid of it, no matter how dumb the headphones look. IT IS MY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT VINTAGE MUSIC PLAYER. Let this elder (born in 1987 *insert crying in Millennial here*) have her eccentricities.

One more gif. Because; David Bowie.

To answer the question with more seriousness, I decided several years ago that the holidays are a time for disruption and falling out of my writing routine. Rather than fight it, feel bad, and stress myself out over everything which isn’t getting done, I have leaned into it. The holidays, specifically in December, are my break time. I look at it as a time to refresh, read for fun, and not worry about catching up. Especially now that I’ve stopped trying to publish traditionally and gone Indie, there is no pressure. There are no contract deadlines. One of the best parts of this is less panic around the holidays. As long as I remember to not beat myself up over the lack of fingers hitting keyboard time, there really is no stress and I can enjoy my family being with me all day.

In that spirit of enjoyment, I wish everyone reading a calm, happy holiday full of all the things you like best!