September 13: Favorite Unfinished Series (either you haven’t read all the books or series that aren’t complete yet)

This one will be kinda short. When a series is recommended to me, I try out the first few books. If I don’t fall in love it that’s where it stops, so those would be my unfinished series for today, but the problem here is that bookstagram almost never steers me wrong. And when I love the first few books in a series, I go a little bibliophile and read ALL THE BOOKS. Bingeing is pretty much my regular reading mode and I’ve finished all the series I’ve started lately.

So really this is a list of series that aren’t complete yet and I’m sorry to drag you into the wait with the rest of us.


waiting for that next installment like

Immortals After Dark, Kresley Cole 15 books, waiting on the 16th

immortals after dark

Seriously, has anyone physically checked on Kresley Cole lately? Is she okay? Signs seem to indicate something awful happened and I wish we could offer her some support through whatever it is.

Ice Planet Barbarians, spinning off into Icehome Series, Ruby Dixon 15 book series, 7 in the spinoff


Ice Planet Barbarians is finished except for little fun novellas for holidays (Bek and Elly got a Christmas special and I about died of sweetness). Ruby releases about a book a month (HOW? she is amazing) and I will read ANYTHING she releases, whether it has to do with my favorite blue barbarians or not. She’ll keep going with the Icehome series as long as readers stay interested she says so DO THE THING, READERS.

Maiden Lane Series, Elizabeth Hoyt 12 book series

elizabeth hoyt

Just recently started this one. I’m skipping the first few books (not going to apologize or go back and read them, either) because the tropes are just not my thing, but I started with Darling Beast and it was exactly the Beauty and the Beast story I wanted. I will be finishing this one!