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Today’s question: If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?

…So…anywhere? Right? Literally anywhere? I’m just checking. If time and space and reality are no object, I’m picking Narnia. For preference, somewhere near the river Beruna, kind of soft and mossy with flowers tucked into the green and a big old oak to settle under. The definite possibility of a badger or a faun coming by to say good morning and interrupt my writing only adds to my longing to be there. As to why, it’s NARNIA. I can’t think of anywhere more inspiring.

narnia gif 2

If we’re letting SE dream but also trying to keep her grounded in reality, I would pick sitting and writing a few pages (cough, an entire book, cough) in New Zealand. The setting of the Shire, if I can’t have the actual Shire. I’d plop myself right down where they had the Party Tree in the movie and refuse to move for at least the next three months. This would probably not surprise my family, I think they’d be ready to bring me food and water.


This is the dream. Never take this away from me.