Friday Favorites (2)

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December 13 is Favorite New to Me Authors in 2019

Prepare, friends. Prepare to be bombarded with alien romance recs because that’s 98.5% of the favorite new authors I found in 2019. I can’t recommend Ruby Dixon again because technically I discovered her in 2018. Which is why I so-casually snuck her into the beginning of this post. JUST GO READ ICE PLANET BARBARIANS, you can thank me later.

Amanda Milo

Despite the dark, angsty, muscle covers Amanda Milo has a deep sense of fun and manages to work a lot of hilarity into each of her books. I particularly loved it when the rescued human women banded together to maintain that humans physiologically need chocolate and caffeine to survive and not one of them dropped a beat when it came to this story. My heroes.

Zoey Draven

zoey draven

The Warriors of Luxiria series ticks every alien romance box for me and sometimes all I really want is to know exactly what’s coming and enjoy the romance along the way. (The alien romance boxes for those of you interested are: Fated Mates™, the alien females have been wiped out by a Mysteriously Convenient Plague™ so these ones need to breed, being abducted by the bad aliens, names with a ‘ in them, MINE, MINE, MINE, Translation implant needed? no problem!, Honorable Warriors Cherish Their Mates, Human Females Smell Amazing™, and Strange Features (For Her Pleasure) on Alien Penises™.)

Tracy Lauren

The alien instinct series had just a few missteps for me, but overall were solid 4, 4.5 star reads. I’m really loving her new Perished Woods fantasy series, too.

Anna Carven

anna carven

Ugh these are heart-wrenching and beautiful. Hard times ahead, but there is always a happy ending. And I like that instead of fighting against their feelings all the damn time the heroines appreciate the scary tough yet tender warriors fate has given them. YES. Anna Carven has a gift for both prose and world-building, making it lyrical and very visual. This series is a treat.

(Obviously I was in a major Ruby Dixon slump and so 2019 was the year of ALL OF THE ALIEN ROMANCE AUTHORS I should already have known about anyway.)

Tara Sivec

So damn funny, and definitely NSFW. Girl power dialed up to eleven. Definitely go read these.

Grace Callaway

Super steamy historical. I mean filthy hot. I had no idea that kind of steam could even be worked into a historical without it seeming forced/going stale after a while but Grace Callaway proved me wrong! Book after book, too. I’m impressed with her skill, not to mention her creativity and obvious painstaking research.

Kati Wilde

The Dead Lands fantasy series is freaking fantastic. I’m eagerly awaiting The Midsummer Bride, along with all of Kati Wilde’s other fans. Fantasy romance is kinda hard to find in the first place, so it’s a huge gift to find creative, sweet, steamy, lovely fantasy romance.