Today we’re doing a listicle, because listicles are so fun. And gifs are even better. Combining the two? The Very Best, even though it makes a silly word (gificle? gifsticle? giflist? Whatever it’s fantastic and I’m going with it). Let’s all celebrate the high points of bookworm life.

1. I have a whole house filled with books. FILLED, I SAY.

bookworm gif

Floor space? Who needs floor space? Not me.

2. Reading is a ready-made pastime.

bookworm gif 13

A book is suitable for any occasion. I never have to wonder what to do with my free time because all of my free time is automatically filled.

3. Reading is relaxing. SO relaxing.

bookworm gif 12

Ahhh, that terribly unexpected ending. The angst. The bad decisions. The UNNECESSARY DEATHS. So chill.

4. I learn many fun new words.

bookworm gif 7

Which I then pronounce incorrectly because I’ve only read them, never heard them. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve done this with words like; cairn, Marquess, segue, Colonel, and cavalry.

5. I get to burst out laughing at completely inappropriate times.

bookworm gif 4

Generally in public places. And it’s cool. I just point to my book and all is forgiven.

6. Healthy exercise is provided.

bookworm 8

By shelving, re-shelving, moving shelves, assembling shelves, getting books down from high shelves, and twisting reality to find excuses to buy more books.

7. I get to go to the movie adaptations and stress out over the MANY WAYS they completely missed the point.

bookworm gif 3

My god, movie peoples, did you even read the source material?

8. I get to give people this look when they try to talk to me.

bookworm gif 9

9. Perfect excuse to not see people for events they want to people at.

bookworm gif 10

No thank you, human-types. I will be reading and unavailable. At what time? ALL TIMES. ALWAYS.

10. I get to live thousands of lives.

bookworm gif 2


I get to try out living in cool, exotic locations with exciting magic and mayhem, and experience cultures, people, and ideas I never imagined existed . . . prior to reading the book.