It’s release day for my first indie publishing attempt. I’m unsure if the correct procedure is to scream with excitement, cower under blankets, or accost random strangers and try to get them to read my work? All of those at once? Or maybe the Carlton dance. YES. The Carlton dance is perfect for this moment.

It’s always time for the Carlton dance

Amazon doesn’t *list* books on their website until actual release day, and I’ve heard about long delays in those books showing up on the website from other indie authors. So depending on how nice a massive international conglomerate feels like being I might have an Amazon buy link for you, or I might not. Pray to the literary gods for me. As a side note: Barnes and Noble kindly listed Beneath Me from the very start. I’m just saying, Amazon.

Anyway, if you’d like to take a chance on a superhero romance, you can expect:

Best of all, the price is .99c and won’t be going up, ever. Feeling slightly convinced? Draft2Digital has this neat tool called a universal buy link, which is one link showing all the places a book is available. Here is that link for you.

If you end up disliking what I wrote, this is fair. Readers have personal tastes and I understand. Just do feel free to recommend Beneath Me to all of the people you vaguely dislike. This way you’re cheered up because you’ve wasted your enemy’s time (mwahaha) and I feel better because eyeballs are still reading my novella, even if it’s a hate-read. Win for everyone!