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And the optional question for July 6th is: If you could live in any book world, which one would you choose?

As a person with a uterus living in the USA right now . . . this is not hyperbole

I have a distinct feeling the IWSG is going to regret asking me this, because I read alien, or SciFi romance. Like, a LOT of alien/SciFi romance. (The two genre tags are interchangeable, and SO much escapist fun.) If you didn’t know these were a thing which existed, now you do. A little learning enters each day whether you want it or not. You’re welcome.

The answer is: I would choose anywhere and anyworld our Space Queen Ruby Dixon wants to write. That’s where I want to be. You can’t blame me (you can judge a bit if you want) because Ruby writes books like this:

I would wander around deserted hilltops for days, if it meant I got to have a tiny glimmer of hope for a starship abducting me to Ruby’s icy, deserted, freezing Not-Hoth. Yes, the planet was uninhabited for a reason. Yes, okay, it comes with the Bitter Season (light snow) and the Brutal Season (LOTS and LOTS of snow). Yes, fine, indoor plumbing is not a thing there and I would need a native parasite inserted to survive the atmosphere.

But consider this: I would get my own fated mate to keep me warm in the furs. A giant, grumpy, possessive, blue barbarian mate who treated me like literal treasure and purred when he found me. This may sound strange to readers who haven’t tried Ruby Dixon yet, but everyone who has? Yeah. You get me.