It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and that means we can let our insecure author flags fly freely in the wind. That wind rushing by? It’s the sound of our egos, deflating. The IWSG meets once a month on Wednesday to share tips, encouragement, and inflate those egos back up some. Come join!

Each month there are co-hosts who keep us on track. This month we thank Joylene Nowell Butler, Ronel Janse van Vuuren, Meka James (Hi Meka!), Victoria Marie Lees, and M Louise Barbour! And when I say ‘thank’, what I mean is ‘make with the clicky-clicks, visit their site, and leave a comment’. It’s easy and fun, and the main point of the IWSG.

This month’s question is When you are working on a story, what inspires you?

I could tell you that my inspiration comes from the pure, unfiltered magic which is creating something from nothing. There’s a blank page, nothing but white, empty space, and then . . . BEHOLD! I cut my heartstrings a little (it hardly hurts at all), drip them as black ink spots onto the page, and I have created life.

(Also, my creations hardly ever resent me and attempt to lure me off of the ship to murder me on a lonely ice floe, which means that my score in life is ME:1, DR FRANKENSTEIN: 0, and that’s not too shabby. #Winning)

That’s not the entire answer, though. I could also say what inspires me is being a part of the world I love. I am a bookworm. I eat, drink, and breathe the worlds I read. I want to participate, and add something of value to the place I love with so much of my being. Writing is how I do that.

And that’s true. But it’s not the entire truth. I’m also inspired by the sheer drudgery and pain and discomfort which is the real world. I’m inspired to leave it all far behind by vividly hallucinating a world where justice works, love always wins, and people always get their happily ever after. (And people say witty things, okay, I like my banter. Don’t judge.) If the choice is paying attention to whatever dumpster juice Twitter just bottled and tried to sell me, or pure escapist fluff? BRING ON THE FLUFF, I SAY.

Picture Caption: Have your damn romantic fluff. Shhhhh. Don’t fight the happy ending. HAVE. IT.